Pia Ledy

Nigella Sativa N14
mixed media on panel
24 x 24 in
"Since we relocated out of the city in March 2020, I’ve had much time to spend in my wonderfully inspirational studio there. I’ve taken some deep dives into other mediums, ideas, online workshops, and have spent an enormous amount of time experimenting with a large variety of materials. These mixed media and oil pieces are the result of an abstract/mixed media class I took early in the pandemic. I’ve spent the rest of that time combing through printed materials, learned to make my own papers for collage, making stencils and enjoying the process of the laying down the paper under layers (they’re the most fun!!) with barely a thought about what I will paint on top of them. I know a theme, or string of connecting images and words will emerge in a direction I may not have expected, but find very satisfying to see it show up and take me to the final layer, which is the oil painting on top. I love incorporating the spontaneity of mixed media with the concentrated focus of my contemporary realism." - Pia Ledy