Arthur Weeks

Studio Still Life
acrylic on canvas
40 x 30 in

"The beautiful and vibrant pieces of art created by my uncle Arthur Weeks, brings back so many wonderful memories. I remember the days I sat quietly in his gallery and he told me his stories of travel and adventure. He could take anyone to a place they had never seen before through his colorful vision on canvas. These works of beauty have been cherished for over 40 years in both mine and my mother; Delores Weeks Dillard's home. 
My mother was Arthur's only sister who was 10 years younger and they were as close as any two siblings could be. He cherished his parents; Fulton and Viola Weeks and claimed he got his artistic side from his mother. We loved him very much and were so proud of his accomplishments as a military medic, graduating college, becoming a chemist, and then embracing his artistic talents as a very successful artist.
I hope these creative works bring years of joy and happiness to your homes and families as they have to ours." - Cynthia Hall