Holly Irwin

Artist's Statement: 

Fashion and design inspire me.  When I was a child, I used to love to watch my mother, a fashion illustrator, draw beautiful women in elegant dresses.  Today, the figure has become my creative voice, my way of expressing emotions using the language of color, line and composition.  Figure drawing connects me with my history, my first desires to create art.  Sketch books fill my studio and I try to sketch for a few minutes every day.



I love taking a fashion illustration and elevating it to a large scale, fine art painting on canvas.  I paint with modeling paste, gel mediums, acrylics and oil paint using spatulas, brushes, and palette knives. My works on paper are evidence of my love of line drawing, and pen and ink.



In the end my figure paintings are more about emotion than anything else.  I search for the girl that lives within me, searching for ways to paint her feelings and emotions. I always come back to her.


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