Liz Lindstrom

Liz Lindstrom is a Chattanooga native and has always been surrounded by beautiful art. Her father, Bart Lindstrom, is a nationally renowned portrait artist. Liz began learning about art at a young age. "My dad would let me sit and watch while he worked on a painting, and gave me projects to work on. It's amazing how much I was able to learn just by being around him." In high school, Liz began to explore her options as a graduate. "Every school I looked at and every program I researched didn't offer me anything close to what my father could give me. I stayed in Chattanooga to apprentice under my dad, and God has used it to my benefit more that I could've imagined." After three semesters of apprenticeship under her father and four months in England and abroad, Liz has found her niche in figurative art. "During my time in Europe, I photographed more beautiful towns, rivers and coastlines than could be appreciated. However, when I was back in the studio, the people I met along the way became the only subject that I was interested in pursuing. That's when I realized which direction I needed to take my art." The inspiration for Liz's artwork comes from her admiration of the human figure and her passion for ballet. This enthusiasm stems from years of dance lessons and a great admiration of Degas. Whether it's in portraiture or in her oeuvres of ballet, Liz's ambition is to capture a moment in time that deserves to be noted. "The amazing thing about being an artist is that I am able to show others how I see the world, allowing them to see through my eyes."

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