Pia Ledy

Pia Ledy is a contemporary realist painter based in TriBeCa and Watermill, New York. While her work includes still life, portraiture and landscape, Pia’s major focus is on animals, primarily dogs, where she has been commissioned to paint numerous pets.  Her appreciation for birds and flowers, no doubt an interest piqued by their wide variety on the East End, is also seen in her work.  Pia has had several solo shows in Bridgehampton (2009 & 2012) and has been included in numerous group shows.  Recently, one of her bird paintings, “Arctic Tern” was auctioned at Sotheby’s as part of The New York Academy of Art’s “Take Home a Nude” fundraising gala. “For me, an unstoppable collector of objects, I find that the reasons I collect these items are as varied as the collections themselves. It could be the craftsmanship, materials, color used or just plain nostalgia. These objects conjure up memories and emotions and gain their personality when directed by a creative composition on the canvas. Capturing a subject’s personality and intelligence form the basis of my portraiture, both human and animal. Extracting these dynamic elements are a primary focus of all my paintings, including still life, landscape and digital art.”


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