Sharon Brown

Art is something that Sharon Brown has pursued for as long as she can remember. She recalls, "One early but definitive memory was the Christmas that my sister received Jon Gnagy's ‘Learn to Draw' art kit. While it was of little interest to her, I was completely captivated. It was my first introduction to values, shapes and perspective." She describes art as "an escape to a very tranquil place where time is lost." Sharon Brown grew up continuing to draw and studied art and advertising at the University of Alabama. This led to a career in advertising until starting her family. Her love for drawing and painting has always been there waiting for the right time to resurface. She worked at Loretta Goodwin Gallery for about ten years and was inspired and encouraged to once again awaken this passion. She says, "I've always been fascinated with the human form, yet recently I've been experimenting with non-representational and have found a creative part of me that has been untapped. It is this exploration into the uncharted part of my creativity that has me intrigued. I'm always fascinated how a movement of the brush can create a sensation or a mood. Each abstract is an intuitive exploration using different mediums to layer and texture in order to evoke an emotion. It's a journey for me."

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