"Winter Light", featuring new paintings by Amy R. Peterson, is on exhibit at the Gadsden Museum of Art from March 1 - April 30. 

Reception date is April 1st 5 - 7pm. During the exhibit, paintings may be purchased online or over the phone 205-328-1761 through 

Beverly McNeil Gallery. Purchased paintings will be available for pick up or shipping after May 1. 


About Winter Light


In the winter, the sun stays lower in the South casting longer shadows throughout the day than in any other season. In the winter, there’s a reprieve in the Alabama humidity so colors appear more vibrant and saturated. When days or weeks of cloudy skies part and give way to long sunbeams I rush to capture that stream of warmth on canvas, often from inside our home in my favorite spaces like the kitchen and the former service porch now filled with boots, coats, umbrellas, and hats. When the demands of daily life and work don't permit me to drop everything and paint on the spot, I still make mental notes of what I find striking about the indoor or outdoor light, noting the time of day so I can try and be ready the next time the opportunity comes round. 


I prefer to paint from life rather than from photographs and my approach is usually impressionistic: conveying how light and atmosphere affect color and form as I see it in the moment. I particularly enjoy painting city scenes in the absence of strong sunlight, when wind or precipitation in the air impart a kind of melancholy mood, while city lights and car lights glimmer and energize the scene. I marvel at how the impressionist painters who’ve come before me, and many of my contemporary impressionists, can turn the ordinary experience into the extraordinary, the “now“ into the “timeless”.